16th - 20th SEPTEMBER 2020

When Odysseus lands on Corfu, he is welcomed and cared for by Nausicaä, then taken to the court of King Alcinous. Homer chose Corfu as the place of refuge from which his hero relates the majority of his tale. Since that very earliest literary encounter, Corfu has been a magnet, and a paradise, for writers.


Empires have fought over this importantly-placed island; civilisations have settled here, whilst Corfu’s people have absorbed a rich array of influences, dialects, cuisines and cultures. A destination for a remarkable cast of visitors over the course of a long history, from Cervantes to Casanova, Nero to Richard the Lionheart, composers Samaras and Mantzaros to the Beatles, poets Solomos to Oscar Wilde, artists Linton to Edward Lear. Shakespeare set his Tempest on Corfu , his “rich scarf to my proud earth” and the Durrells later disclosed Kerkyra to the world through their writings. 


This continues today, with the island inspiring the arts in all its forms. In September, when the island is still a riot of wildflowers and sunshine, come and join us in a celebration of this extraordinary cultural heritage.


This September 2020, despite the pandemic, celebrated English cricket team of writers - known internationally as the Authors XI - will be coming out to Corfu to face the locals, culminating in a match on the historic pitch in the square at the heart of Corfu town.


Around this springs a literary festival from 17th-20th September, featuring writers and discussions, cultural tours, music… all celebrating the great passion that the Greeks and the British share for literature and the arts.

Ticketing Information

Due to Maximum Sized Audiences in accordance with local health guidance, events are ticketed in advance only via Eventbrite 




Note:  Each Event Day has a separate ticket link - this year there are no Festival wide tickets.


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