16th - 20th SEPTEMBER 2020



Following the success of the Corfu Literary Festivals in May 2018 and September 2019, we are delighted to announce our 3rd annual festival that will be held on

16th to 20th September 2020

When the island is a riot of late summer flowers, her seas at at their warmest and the sun a little gentler, come and join us in a celebration of this extraordinary cultural heritage.

The celebrated English cricket team of writers - known internationally as the Authors XI - will be returning to Corfu for a rematch with the locals, and around this will again spring a literary festival featuring writers, both visiting and local, discussions, cultural tours, Q & A sessions, poetry recitals, wine tastings, musical performances, culinary demonstrations and exhibitions … all celebrating the passion the Greeks and the British share for the arts, on the charmed island that is Corfu.


To register your interest please send an email to info@cricketcorfu.com 

When Odysseus lands on Corfu, he is welcomed and cared for by Nausicaä, then taken to the court of King Alcinous. Homer chose Corfu as the place of refuge from which his hero relates the majority of his tale. Since that very earliest literary encounter, Corfu has been a magnet and paradise for writers and "philoxenia" or hospitality was first extended.  


Empires have fought over this importantly-placed island; civilisations have settled here, whilst Corfu’s people have absorbed a rich array of influences and cultures. A destination for remarkable visitors over the course of a long history, from Cervantes to Casanova, Nero to Richard the Lionheart, composers Samaras & Mantzaros to the Beatles, poets Solomos to Oscar Wilde, artists Linton to Edward Lear. Shakespeare set his Tempest on his “rich scarf to my proud earth” and the Durrells later disclosed Kerkyra to the world through their writings. This continues today, with Corfu inspiring the arts in all forms.


Ticketing Details:

To be announced



Locally in Corfu Town from


Albert Cohen St. 2 next to Eurobank

Mon to Fri 10.00 to 16.00 Sat 10.00 to 13.00

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